The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Holistic health for people who are HIV+

The Ryan White Program provides treatment for HIV/AIDS, as well as hepatitis C and B.

Our program provides testing, medical care, outpatient medical services, and medical case management. For each person we serve, we strive for quality, sensitivity, and inclusion, regardless of ability to pay or legal status.

HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C and B affect men, women, and children in many parts of the communities we serve. The Ryan White Program is proof that quality care is within reach for all of them.

The Ryan White Program at OPTIMUS can help with these services:

Medical services (Bridgeport & Stamford):

  • HIV/AIDS testing and treatment
  • HepC/hepB testing and treatment
  • Rapid testing
  • PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV)
  • PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV)
  • Anal pap test
  • Hormone therapy
  • LGBTQ-focused primary care & transgender health

Medical case management support services (Bridgeport):

  • Advocacy services: interpersonal violence, sexual assault, sexual violence, and sex workers
  • Basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing
  • Medication financial assistance
  • Medical bill financial services
  • Transportation
  • Referrals to OPTIMUS medical services: dental, OBGYN, behavioral health, and more
  • Testing and counseling
  • Assistance with completing paperwork for benefits (state and federal)

Our approach:

  • Clinical understanding and human compassion. We can help and support patients at many stages of their disease.
  • Holistic health. Medical health and care management is supported by dental, reproductive health, and behavioral health.