Donor Impact

OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS Foundation use donations and grant money to:

  • Provide programs that improve the health outcomes of the patients and communities we serve
  • Invest in staff training, research, and development
  • Invest in technology and equipment to improve care delivery
  • Increase public awareness of our community service
  • Advocate for healthy and safe lifestyles
  • Foster healthy Fairfield County communities
  • Construct and renovate our facilities

Some examples:

Telehealth Services Expansion: Donors helped us adapt to the outbreak of COVID-19 and expand care services to include telehealth services.

Stratford Community Health Center Relocation: Family Primary Health Care services were relocated to the 305 Boston Avenue multi-use office building. Interior renovations for permanent primary health care and dental health care followed.

Interior Renovation Completion at Barnum Avenue: Interior renovations at our Barnum Avenue facility were made possible by donors.

Partnership with Fairfield County Community Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls – emme Project: emme is a one-stop wellness hub that improves the mental, physical, social, and financial well-being of women and girls. Donations make it possible to help them reach their full potential.