Financial Assistance

The Resources You Need Start Right Here

OPTIMUS provides care for everyone who comes through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

If you’re concerned about how much our health care services will cost, talk to us. Our financial counselors can help eligible patients apply for insurance, access discounts, and make payments manageable.

There’s no need to let cost stand between you and the care you need.

At OPTIMUS, Our Financial Assistance Services Include:

  • Financial counseling for any patient and their family.
  • Advice on accessing Medicaid (Connecticut’s Husky Program) or marketplace insurance plans (Affordable Care Act).
  • Flexible financing that includes manageable payment plans.
  • A sliding fee discount program that is available for all patients, no matter your insurance status.
  • Access to discounts on clinician visits, laboratory work, prescriptions, and uninsured services.
  • Notes on eligibility: We use the current year’s Federal Poverty Guidelines, income, and family size to determine the resources you are qualified to receive.

Questions and How to Apply

  • For specific questions, please call our customer service department at 203.327.5111.
  • To understand more about how the Financial Assistance Program works, view the Sliding Fee Discount Program page.
  • For an application, download The Sliding Fee Application and when you have completed it with the required supporting documents, make sure you or a legal guardian signs it.