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Celebrating 40 Years of Care in Southwestern Connecticut!

Join the OPTIMUS Foundation in supporting the health and social needs of women, infants and children. The OPTIMUS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission as the OPTIMUS FOUNDATION is established to support Optimus Health Care, Inc. in providing affordable and quality health care, particularly its programs that support the health and social welfare of women, infants and children.

Population health. Affordable care. Quality vs. cost.
Driven by healthcare reform, providers are challenged to provide the highest quality care for the lowest possible costs amid growing demand and shrinking resources. The critical need to deliver high quality, affordable and accessible care has made health centers like OPTIMUS critically important.

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This growing significance has highlighted both our immediate challenges and potential opportunities. By building on our capability to provide essential primary health care services, while expanding our capacity to deliver it, OPTIMUS hopes to increase its community impact and make affordable healthcare affordable for all who need it. But we need your help.


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