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Estrace (Estradiol, Delestrogen) is an estrogen derivative. Physicians use it as an estrogen replacement therapy. It comes in two forms, an oral tablet or a vaginal cream. The medication prevents bone loss among menopausal women and helps minimize other menopause-related symptoms.

Overview and Uses

Estrace contains estrogen, a natural hormone that plays a crucial role in female bodies. Estrogen enhances the development of female sex features and skeletal maturation.

When women approach menopause, the estrogen converts into a less potent form causing undesired effects among menopausal women. Since Estrace is an estrogen derivative, it acts as an effective estrogen replacement regimen for menopausal women. It counterbalances the undesired symptoms of menopause. It also treats conditions linked to estrogen deficiency.

Physicians may prescribe the medication to treat the following illnesses in females:

  • Viganal atrophy;

  • Hypoestrogenism;

  • Osteoporosis;

  • Postmenopausal symptoms;

  • Breast cancer;

  • Dyspareunia;

  • Ovarian failure or oophorectomy.

Surprisingly, physicians also prescribe Estrace to male patients despite it being a female hormonal medication. They use it as a prostate cancer treatment. It works by suppressing tumor growth and metastatic spreading among patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Note: Estrogen therapy heightens the risk of certain conditions, like endometrial cancer, stroke, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), among others. Women who use Estrace need to visit their healthcare provider for regular monitoring.

Action in the Body

The estrogen present in Estrace binds to estrogen receptors found in the uterus, breasts, prostate, skin, bones, fat tissues, and the brain. It will attach to a specific estrogen receptor (estrogen receptor beta). The medication will also exert its effects on the GPER (protein-coupled receptor). Therefore, enhancing its therapeutic effects on the body.

Estrace’s therapeutic effects will depend on the tissue it targets. For instance, it may cause growth and a thickened lining in the uterus when it attaches to the estrogen receptors in the uterus. Hence, causing pro-estrogenic effects in the uterus.

Consumption and Dosage

Estrace comes as a tablet and a vaginal cream.

Oral Tablet

You’ll need to take oral Estrace by mouth. You can take it alone or with food. It is advisable to follow your doctor’s instructions.

ProTip: Taking Estrace with food or after a meal prevents stomach upset.

Your dosage level will depend on your doctor and the condition you’re treating. Nonetheless, the dosage level may range from 1 to 2 mg daily. Take the medication at a specific time each day to ensure a stable concentration of estrogen in your body. Don’t crush or chew your tablets if your primary care provider prescribes the extended-release Estrace.

Don’t miss your doses. In case you miss a dose, take it once you remember it. But you can skip it if you’re approaching your next dose. Don’t take double doses to compensate for any missed dose.

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Vaginal Cream

Use the cream as per your healthcare provider’s instructions. You can also check the leaflet before using the medication.

Remember to clean the applicator before filling it and inserting it into your vagina. If possible, use warm water.

Warning: Don’t expose your male partner to Estrace cream. Men can absorb the cream during sexual intercourse. Therefore, don’t use it right before sex. Give it some time before indulging in it.

Side Effects

Before taking Estrace, it is crucial to know the potential risks involved. Estrace can cause the following side effects:

  • Nausea or vomiting;

  • Headaches;

  • Breast tenderness;

  • Back pain;

  • Skin irritation;

  • Weight changes;

  • Stomach upset, diarrhea, and stomach cramps;

  • Spotting or breakthrough bleeding;

  • Bloating;

  • Thinning hair;

  • Changes in mood.

You may also develop serious side effects when using Estrace. The severe side effects include:

  • Blood clots;

  • Stroke;

  • Heart attack;

  • Pelvic pain;

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding;

  • Slurred speech;

  • Vision changes;

  • Gallbladder disease;

  • Dementia and confusion;

  • Endometrial cancer;

  • High cholesterol levels;

  • Liver problems;

  • Lumps in the breast.

Seek medical attention if you notice any of these severe side effects. You also need to notify your doctor if you have signs of allergic reactions to Estrace.


Estrace is a form of hormonal therapy. Therefore, it may increase the likelihood of health problems like blood clots, stroke, and breast cancer. People with a history of heart disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, blood clots, cancer of the uterus, liver disease, or stroke should take extra caution when using Estrace.

Don’t use the medication during pregnancy. It may cause harm to the developing fetus. Breastfeeding mothers should consult a medical provider before taking Estrace. Additionally, Estrace puts smokers at risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and blood clots. The risk increases if one is above 35 years old.

Summing Up

Have a discussion with your doctor about the potential benefits and risks before using Estrace. Moreover, It is also important to regularly reassess the need for continued therapy and to discuss any concerns or changes in symptoms with your healthcare provider.